The Rise of Packerplex:

Mike and Nick met in 1986 at All American Nautilus in Tucson, AZ, not realizing they were mutual Packer fans at a time when the franchise was floundering. They lost track of each other for a few years as Nick stayed in Tucson and Mike moved on to Phoenix, and then Seattle. In 1991, Mike decided to moved back to Tucson. The guys found each other again in 1993 when they both religiously watched Packer games at a Famous Sam’s Sports Bar in Tucson. In 1994, they met Jeff, the third member of the Boy’s club. Jeff moved to Tucson from Madison, Wisconsin, and has always been a rabid Packer fan. Together, they continued to watch games at Famous Sam’s for the rest of the 1990’s.

Growing up, the guys dreamed of going to Packer games but did not have tickets. That all changed in 1992, when Lenny Vogel (Mike’s Dad), after putting his name in for Packer season tickets back in 1960, finally received his tickets and is how the dream started. Starting in 1993, the guys made an annual pilgrimage to the sacred shrine, Lambeau Field, for a Packer game. It began with four people and has grown over the years to as many as twenty. This annual pilgrimage led to the guys to purchase the Packerplex at Mason Street. As the numbers of people going grew, hotel accommodations became more difficult and costly. Then in 2003, Nick was fortunate to get his Packer season tickets in the club seat section.  So as a result the first Packerplex was formed on Mason Street in early 2007 by Mike and Nick. This solved the accomodation problems, but still something was missing. Mason Street was great, but they could not see Lambeau Field from its location, and so they sought out something even greater!

In late 2007, it all changed when the guys were in town for a huge matchup with the Carolina Panthers. They had heard an investor and huge Packer fan from Atlanta had purchased and remodeled a property directly across the street from Lambeau Field.  Jeff, Mike, and Nick wanted to go and drive by to check it out. That decision changed the course of their lives forever. When they went over to view the property located on Shadow Lane, the guys drove right past it. As they turned around on the cul-de-sac, Mike, the dreamer in the group, said to the other two guys “wouldn’t it be funny if we bought a house next to the Atlanta guy and we fixed it up better than he did?”  As fate would have it, the local Green Bay realtor was at that very moment, staking in a “For Sale” sign right next door to the Atlanta investor’s property, and the rest is history. They had the property under contract in one hour, and plans were made to remodel the house. It took six months to “Packer out” the house, and since then they have been enjoying great games, great training camps, great tailgating, and meeting great people ever since!!!

— Nick, Mike & Jeff